Pillars of the Balanced Life

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There is a new breed of women, Jesus lovers who refuse the worlds labels. Social justice and truth are their goals. Done with cookie cutter femininity and the worlds design for their lives. They’re living a fearless God empowered life. And they are waiting for you to join them.

You might be raising a few of them or you might be one of them yourself. Do you wonder if there is more? Open this book and discover; Your generation, Your gender and Your grit to get it done in todays culture. Now that’s an unstoppable equation!

Table for two by Mona Corwin

I needed this book! I wanted to study the Bible with my daughter but couldn’t find a source.  Frustrated I came up with my own and today it’s a real book. Now, you don’t have to go it alone without a clue. This relationship-building book will have you savoring God’s word and enjoy precious time together in no time.


What Others Are Saying About Mona Corwin

It is my greatest pleasure to help mom’s become what God designed them to be. While I’d still do what I do if no one sang my praises, it is nice to hear from my readers. When you invest time into reading my books, my goal is to equip you to influence your world and challenge you to join this UnStoppable Generation. See what my readers are saying.

“The UnStoppables” is a must-read for any believer who is serious about launching a generation of warriors to fulfill the Great Commission. With a little over two-thousand language groups left to be reached in the world, the fulfillment is close, and this generation is breaking all the boundaries set up by man because they’re passionate about the Gospel. That’s a God thing! Mona Corwin’s words ring true with provocative clarity that will energize your desire to engage this generation by making disciples who make disciples, and changing the world by starting right where you are. They’re all around us, in our homes, in our churches. Let’s not put them to sleep with weak religion. Let’s jump in and mentor them for Kingdom IMPACT, and watch them torch the world with the Gospel!
Chris White, President of Mobilizing Students
Discipleship is key in today’s world to build our marriages and families, especially moms and daughters, and Table for Two provides a way for true growth and fellowship in God’s Word for deep spiritual intimacy for them.
Cheryl Scruggs, Author
Mona Corwin is woman on fire for God. She is the epitome of Unstoppable. God has given her a message and in full obedience to Him, she will not be stifled until she shares it fully. But that’s typical of Mona, after a decade of being discipled by her this is kind of godly wisdom that I encounter with her every time. Never before have I encountered a woman like Mona, who is giddy to share God’s latest revelation to her and helps me find a way to apply that concept/ idea in my walk with Jesus. Mona’s teachings are honest, direct and prayerfully prepared. She has taught me how to be a Holy Spirit led woman for Jesus and how to live it out in my everyday life with family, friends and community. She guides me with grace-filled counsel to be a confident woman for God.
Titia Sivils, Fitness Coach